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Wheel loader is a kind of shoveling and transportation machinery widely used in highways, railways, ports, docks, coal, mines, water conservancy, national defense and other engineering and urban construction places. It plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, speeding up project construction and improving project quality.

Wheel loaders (usually front-end) are one of the most widely used equipment in engineering today, and their versatility and carrying capacity allow for cost-effective handling of a wide range of materials.

Wheel loader is mainly used for shoveling soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials, and can also be used for light shoveling operations on ore and hard soil.

Retrofitting with different auxiliary work devices can also carry out dozing, lifting and other materials such as wood loading and unloading operations. In road, especially high-grade road construction, loaders are used for subgrade work, asphalt mixtures and aggregates and loading in cement concrete yards.

In addition, it can also carry out operations such as pushing soil, scraping the ground and pulling other machinery.

Because the loader has the advantages of fast working speed, high efficiency, good mobility and light operation, it has become one of the main types of earthwork construction in engineering construction.

Front End Loader Wheel Loader Machine 2

Front End Loader Wheel Loader Machine 2

Classification of our ABV brand wheel loaders

According to the engine power, it can be divided into large, medium and small. The engine power is less than 74 kW (100 hp) and is called a small loader. The engine power is 74~147 kW (100~200 horsepower), which is called a medium-sized loader. The engine power is 147~515 kW (200~700 horsepower), which is called the large loader.

According to the walking mechanism, it can be divided into two types: tire type and crawler type. The tire loader is based on the tire type special chassis, equipped with a working device and its control system. The track loader is based on a special track chassis or work tractor, equipped with a working device and a control system.

The advantages of tire loaders are light weight, fast speed, maneuverability, high efficiency, and no damage to the road surface when walking. Especially when the amount of work is not large, the operation point is not concentrated, and the transfer is frequent, the productivity exceeds that of crawler loaders, and it is widely used in engineering and farmland infrastructure.

According to the frame structure type and steering mode, it can be divided into two types: articulated frame bending waist steering and overall frame deflection wheel steering.

According to the unloading mode, it can be divided into two types: front unloading (the loader is shoveled and unloaded at its front end) and rotary (the boom of the loader is installed on the turntable, the bucket is shoveled at the front end when working, and the turntable can be turned at a certain angle relative to the frame when unloading).


Front End Loader Wheel Loader Machine 1